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salmon with lemons
  • How much will I pay?

You will pay the current store price and you will get your store receipt

We charge a low flat fee for shopping and delivering and a 5% processing fee for the card payment.


  • Can I place an order from multiple stores?

Yes you can! You can place separate orders from different stores and they will be shopped and delivered by the same person together, or you can place one order from multiple stores.


  • How can I place an order?

You can use the dumpling app to create an order but you can also share a shopping list from another app. You can even  just send a message, a handwritten note or even a screenshot.


  • Do I need a membership to shop Costco?

Not necessarily. We hold accounts with all retailers to secure the club prices.


  • What if the store I want is not listed.

Not a problem. Just add a note in your order.


  • You mention local small delis.

We want to provide an extensive local shopping experience and although some  delis cannot be included in the app catalogue, you can chose “select a store” and add a custom product like your favorite balsamic from We Olive,  your favorite sourdough from Manressa or even some real greek spinach pie from Mediterranean Food Bazaar! 


  • Do you only do groceries?

No! We do any store! Anywhere that accepts card payments!


  • What is Recipe Shopping?

Its a service we provide, you send us the link to your recipe, you mention if you prefer Organic or Conventional and we buy all the ingredients in the correct amounts. Think of it as an on demand Blue Apron or Hello Fresh but shopped locally on the spot without subscription. 

Of course we can also shop weekly menus too!


  • What sets you apart from other grocery delivery companies?

We do not up-charge anything.

You get the same shopper you chose every single time.

We aim fulfilling your whole list, even if this means going to every single store in town. 

We love what we do!!!

Most of all you support a local small business.

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