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Passion for Excellent Customer Service and goodies just like you chose them yourself!
Always pay store prices, take advantage of local offers with no hidden costs or markups. Bespoke service, even from stores not yet listed.
I am a mom of two teenagers with a passion for great customer service and a background in media and customer success.
I am a Greek native, I have spent half of my years in the UK and the US and I love good food, gardening, sailing, restoring antiques and training Beatrice, our military Macaw.
I enjoy shopping and decided to do this full time. Shopping for the best ingredients, the freshest veg and fish and the finest cuts of meat. Trying, tasting, learning, recommending. Recipes and ingredients, kitchen gadgets too!
I try to shop mainly locally to support our community, all stores and delis, but I also go to Costco for bigger orders (no membership needed).
I go to one or multiple stores in order to find everything in your list.
I use club memberships (Amazon Prime/Safeway) to get the best deals.
With Dumpling you know you pay the in-Store prices, without any hidden markups or hidden costs, you get the in-store deals, use your coupons and discounts and unlike all other platforms, you get your store receipt. 
Most importantly you support a Los Gatos small business.
Whats in the future? Expanding into catering delicious Greek food with my partner in crime Jenny, the Greek Foodie. 
Los Gatos Together - We got this! 
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