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Your favorite cocktails from Flights can now be delivered together with your groceries!

Icing on the Cake is now open!

You can now use Anylist to get your recipe ingredients delivered.

Mulled Wine with Fruit

Having been a customer of and shopper for all the grocery delivery companies available, we knew that we could do something better, and that people wanted that personal touch for their shopping, from someone they trusted, to always pick what they would in the store. The freshest vegetables and fruits the correctly cut piece of meat or fish, and with the transparency of doing it yourself, a guaranteed ethos and quality of service, every single time.

We wanted to offer you an end to inflated online prices while taking advantage of your local store offers by using your loyalty cards to get the best deal - if you don't have one we'll still get the deals for you!

Transparent means getting your store receipt!

We also keep Mother Earth happy by using our  own reusable bags! (unfortunately during the pandemic this has been on hold)


Great experience! Super fresh produce, perfect avocados, meat separately packed as it should! I asked for recycled bags and they were available!

Lauren W

1 / 7

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